Sissy MyCircle Now Live!

The MyCircle chat room I mentioned the other day is now live with a selection of sissy videos playing for you to watch while you chat. Another advantage is that MyCircle also always chat via a headset rather than just text.

This will be replacing the old chat room.

I will continue to add new videos to the room other time.

> Click here to visit the official CDSissyCaps MyCircle! <

Suggestions Wanted For Sissy MyCircle

For those who don’t know, MyCircle is a chat room platform that also allows the host to have a video playlist running at the same time.

I’m currently building one for the community here so I’d like to know some of your favourite sissy related videos from across the web. They can be trainer vids, hypnos or hot scenes involving shemales/sissies/crossdressers.

Just leave a comment with your favourite links and I’ll set about downloading them and adding them to the room.

New Site Features!

Your member page now has a couple of brand new features!

The first is the Wall tab.

This works very much like Facebook where you can post status updates, tag friends and…


Yes! You can now upload your own pictures whether they be selfies or other sissy related captions/pics you enjoy.

I would like to see people posting more (whether on the forums, chat or your own wall) so get active on the site, make new friends and enjoy yourself!

Your Dream Job!

I’m ditching ImageTwist as a file host as I didn’t realize how spammy they were until testing the site on my phone.

For now I’m going to upload the latest captions directly to the site. As long as it doesn’t hit bandwidth usage too hard I’ll keep doing it that way unless anyone knows of a good quality image host that allows adult content.

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