Welcome to the Official CDSissyCaps Website!

I’ve been talking about building a website for awhile and finally here it is!

Here’s a run down of the key features:

Tumblr: My tumblr page will continue to be regularly updated. However it will now have the static address of http://tumblr.cdsissycaps.com/. Bookmark this page and I will never “disappear” from tumblr because even if they delete my blog I will just be able to start a new one at the same address. I’m also looking into a content back-up system so I won’t lose all my captions.

Blog: Captions will be posted onto the blog portion of this website. This will be through an image host to cut down on bandwidth usage as I’ve currently only purchased a small hosting package. Here you will also find videos, interesting articles and all other sorts of cool stuff.

Forums: Here you’ll be able to talk to other community members in a group environment about pretty much anything you want. This also includes a meet-up zone for anyone wishing to find someone in their area to meet with.

Chat Room: The chat room was one of the most popular features on my original blog and now it returns. Chat about whatever you like (keep it legal though), share pictures and have fun!

Community Activity/Members: This section works a lot like Facebook where you can find friends, message each other, post status updates, start your own groups and things like that.

This is still very much a work in progress. The look of the site might change and some features might be added or removed depending on their popularity.

This website is a membership website which means you will need to REGISTER to take part. However sign-up is completely free. Registering just helps me police the site better and protect it from any disruptive types.

So sign-up now and take part!

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